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This airy private space is about 500 square feet with a small front porch.

The full kitchen has a large refrigerator, gas range and local hardwood counters. Kitchen is fully supplied with cookware, plates, cups, glasses, silverware. The bathroom has a clawfoot tub / shower and plenty of ventilation and light.

The house has WIFI and smart phones can generally hook-up through wifi.  

Whole house water filtration and ultraviolet purification makes water drinkable at all faucets.

We provide ripe fruit as available from the surrounding orchard .

This unit is now available for 30 days or longer.

NECTAR Suite Kitchen and living room.

Kitchen cabinets and countertops made from a Hawaiian hardwood- kamani.

Nectar SUITE living room.

Nectar SUITE bedroom.

Nectar SUITE has a clawfoot tub.